This year we intend to host the third concert, which is to be held at the Linder Auditorium on 12th August 2022, Thursday. Once again, we aim to raise awareness of the plight of the numerous people in the African Continent and around the world who have been chased from their homes, forgotten, and misplaced by others, and to celebrate those who superhumanly overcame the challenges of being forced to be a stranger in another’s country. Therefore, our objectives will be:

  • To create awareness about the social, economic, etc. challenges of the refugees and other forcibly displaced people especially post COVID-19 pandemic, through inspiring people by music.
  • To make people think that “if you could just put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a moment, perhaps you would understand why life is not as easy as you seem to think. Would you be able to imagine what life as a refugee would look like? Can you imagine the challenges and daily struggles you would face?”. Misinformation and lack of awareness about the issues affecting refugees and people seeking asylum are key factors leading to negative opinions of these groups which ultimately cause xenophobia.
  • To help the audience understand the situation by reframing it in a familiar context. By shifting the debate away from refugee statistics and refocusing on the attitudes of those who may not be sure who refugees even are, one can create connections through common experiences and increase understanding.
  • To help the audience understand that the refugees are not a burden to the target country, but they contribute a lot, especially as skilled labor.
  • To contribute to social cohesion against xenophobia attacks in South Africa. We will spread the message that South Africa is not a xenophobic country and that we are a people who still follow in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela and his friends.