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  • Unity in Diversity: The Importance of Interreligious Initiatives in promoting peace, love and reconciliation. (Hybrid Program)

    5 February 2023 The Turquoise Harmony Institute (THI) is dedicated to promoting peace and reconciliation in South Africa through interfaith dialogue and cross-cultural activities. In this regard we believe that the Interfaith Harmony Week (1-7 Feb) provides a great opportunity in recognizing the imperative need for dialogue among different faiths [...]

  • A Concert for Refugees 2022

    This year we intend to host the third concert, which is to be held at the Linder Auditorium on 12th August 2022, Thursday. Once again, we aim to raise awareness of the plight of the numerous people in the African Continent and around the world who have been chased from [...]

  • Do you want to have iftar (fast breaking) dinner with a Muslim family?

    During the month of Ramadan in the lunar calendar, Muslims fast by abstaining from consuming water or food from dawn to sunset. After the sunset, they break their fast with a meal called “Iftar”. This is an important time not only to break fast but also share this meal with [...]

  • Social Cohesion for Stronger & Peaceful Communities

    Touch to register now What is Social Cohesion? “Promoting social cohesion, so that diversity is seen as a benefit rather than a threat, is investing in sustaining peace. As societies become more multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious, people must feel that their identities are valued, even as they feel a sense [...]

  • Spring hike for dialogue

    Culture is everything that describes a particular group of people. The group can be a family, a religious group, or people from a different town, neighbourhood, country, or city. It can also be people who share a similar ethnic background, life dynamics, or work culture. Many times, culture is used [...]

  • Woman in different faiths as change makers

    Religion is frequently cited as a cause of violent conflicts, yet dialogue between faith communities often reveals that religion is not a primary source of tension but can be a force for peace building. Moreover faith-based approaches to peace-making can be valuable in promoting understanding and reconciliation. So, the purpose [...]

  • Promoting Women Leaders in Interreligious Perspective

    INTECULTURAL/INTERRELIGIOUS WOMAN’S MONTH PROJECT BACKGROUND The latest news about the spreading of violence against women has been a cause for concern among individuals and groups on a global level. Social media and newspapers, along with specialists and professionals have tried to explain the possible reasons of this alarming phenomenon. The [...]

  • Women’s Month Webinar

    PURPOSE The webinar will provide a platform for dialogue on issues related to women in society. BACKGROUND In one of the largest demonstrations staged in this country's history, 20 000 women of all races marched to Pretoria's Union Buildings on 9 August 1956, to present a petition against the carrying [...]

  • The Role of Hizmet Affiliated Institutions on Youth Empowerment in South Africa

    Youth empowerment is a process where young people are encouraged to take charge of their lives. They do this by addressing their situation and then take action in order to improve their access to resources. In this regard, Hizmet institutions in South Africa aim to improve quality of life for [...]

  • Social Cohesion in Refugee Hosting Settings

    As we will celebrate World Refugee Day on 20th of June, the number of people forcibly displaced due to conflict and human rights violations has reached its highest peak since Second World War. According to UNHCR, developing countries  hosted 86 percent of the world’s refugees. In these countries, host populations [...]

  • Panel Discussion: Refugees in Interfaith Perspective

    Prophet Muhammad was a refugee. Jesus was a refugee. Mary, his mother was a refugee. Joseph, too. Moses was a refugee. Abraham was a refugee. They all (Peace Upon Them All) were refugees / undocumented and cast out of their homelands during their lives. Moses led the Jewish people to freedom. Mary [...]

  • Ramadan Conversations: We are all in this together

    As you are aware, we are passing through drastic times as a global community. The pandemic, COVID-19, has really shaken up the world and has put a pause on most of our lives. I believe it is important to keep our morals high during these times and face this situation [...]

  • The faithful’s stance in the time of a calamity

    The recent times have witnessed some great challenges for humanity. As the world was witnessing many wars and other forms of conflict, the latest pandemic changed almost every nation’s agenda. We are almost unable to talk about anything else but Covid-19. Every one of us probably watched many videos and [...]

  • Outreach work during lockdown: Needs & Challenges

    As it is rather a common perception that South Africa is one of the most unequal societies in the world. The CoVid-19 outbreak has brought to surface how serious the challenge of poverty is in South Africa. While some affluent communities are welcoming the prolonged lockdown as they can manage [...]

  • Social Cohesion vs. Covid-19

    Raj Govender: From a medical point of view, it is creating a huge panic. We do not have a vaccine now, which is global community is worried about. Two things that I observed: 1 unscrupulous nature of humanity. People used this to killing by increasing prices which is not necessary. [...]

A Concert for Refugees 2022

This year we intend to host the third concert, which is to be held at the Linder Auditorium on 12th August 2022, Thursday. Once again, [...]

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A Concert for Refugees 2022

This year we intend to host the third concert, which is to be held at the Linder Auditorium on 12th August 2022, Thursday. Once again, [...]

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The Istanbul Summit 2016

The Istanbul Summit 2016 Reconsidering Gender Equality and Peaceful Societies was held in Bangkok on 7-8 May by Journalists and Writers Foundation’s Women’s Platform, [...]

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