The recent times have witnessed some great challenges for humanity. As the world was witnessing many wars and other forms of conflict, the latest pandemic changed almost every nation’s agenda. We are almost unable to talk about anything else but Covid-19. Every one of us probably watched many videos and read many articles to be informed about it so that we can protect ourselves.

A big question in all of this is; how do we see such trying circumstances from the perspective of our faiths? Has it been sent by God to test humanity? Or, is it a punishment for our collective sins? We have even heard that it has been a punishment for some nations for their actions. However, we have now seen that the pandemic has not spared any nation or faith of its share of catastrophic outcomes.

We would like to create a platform for representatives of different faith to offer their traditions’ perspectives how to approach such calamities. In addition, we will hear what the faiths offer to assist the faithful people to sail though these difficult times. We also hope that through this engagement, we can draw from each other’s’ strength and explore positive ways of cooperation as an alternative to destructive self-righteous discourse during such difficult times.