Culture is everything that describes a particular group of people. The group can be a family, a religious group, or people from a different town, neighbourhood, country, or city. It can also be people who share a similar ethnic background, life dynamics, or work culture. Many times, culture is used to describe the features that are exhibited through history, language, food, arts, geography, family values, and beliefs.

We, in South Africa, live in a vibrant multicultural country, so it is important to understand cultures other than our own. Although there are many ways to do this, the most important is to remember that we are all people who strive for the betterment of the humanity and the world.

Turquoise Harmony Institute organizes an intercultural Spring Hike to come together as the people of different backgrounds to embrace cultural differences and to learn ways of understanding cultural differences. We believe that being a part of social events, like our intercultural hike, will help all of us get to understand the world better, minimize stereotypes, prevent and overcome ethnic and racial divisions and create opportunities to meet new people.

Interacting people who come from diverse cultures is one ideal way of learning and understanding other people’s cultures. Amongst many other intercultural events of Turquoise Harmony Institute, “Spring Hike” is one way of achieving this, as it will create one on one interaction with other people and a platform to hear their stories first hand, while telling them our own.

The hike will be on a Sunday morning, where people will come together for a guided hike, while sharing stories and making new friends. It will be an atmosphere of sharing opinions of the theme, as well as the snacks.