As you are aware, we are passing through drastic times as a global community. The pandemic, COVID-19, has really shaken up the world and has put a pause on most of our lives. I believe it is important to keep our morals high during these times and face this situation head on with positivity. These times of trial can certainly become our chance to strengthen our bonds and embrace one another for support and sharing goodness.

Consequently, THI has cancelled all home and institutional Iftaars for Ramadan 2020. However, given the circumstances, we have decided to carry Ramadan to an online platform with hopes to spread the Ramadan spirit. As I mentioned during our telephonic conversation we are planning an online programme which we call “Ramadan Conversations: We are all in this together”. It will one hour pre-recorded Ramadan conversation episodes of 3 or for touching on the current impact of COVID-19 and past experiences of Ramadan as well. These episodes will be broadcasted and uploaded on YouTube.

Our guests will include past Ramadan Iftaar participants including Parliamentarians, bureaucrats, religious leaders, community leaders, academics, sport celebrities, and many more from all walks of life along with previous family hosts. These guests will be joining us from not only South Africa but from around the globe! Guest speakers will be from New Zealand, America, UK, Asia, Europe, South Africa and more. Here is the list of people agree to be part of in principle

  • Pops Mohamed
  • Ela Gandhi
  • Prof Salim Abdool Karim
  • Enes Kanter-NBA Player- Boston Celtics
  • Craig Foster- Australian Retired Football player- Social Activist
  • Jody Kollapen
  • Siraaj Desai
  • Rev. Gift Moerane
  • George Jack Donikian Australian radio and television news presenter/personality
  • 3 couple of families a host (Muslim) and a guest (non-Muslim) family, who broke fast together in previous Ramadan
  • People fasting in interesting and sacred places Eg: Norway, Mecca, Jerusalem etc…


The conversation will start-off with how COVID-19 has impacted the guest and his/her community, along with his/her daily routine. The discussion will delve deeper than personal experiences, including a community and global perspective.  Thereafter, the conversation will end with his/her past experiences of Ramadan in comparison to this year’s Ramadan, and a departing Ramadan message he/she would like to share.