Statement on COVID-19

Statement on COVID-19

Statement on COVID-19

Turquoise Harmony Institute (THI) is a South African based NGO established in 2006 which aims strengthening dialogue and tolerance among people who come from different backgrounds. We strongly believe that the future of humanity should be built on a culture of coexistence, dialogue and tolerance. Differences should be seen as strength and that which can serve as multiple opportunities for building an inclusive world.

As the country and the international community are battling to contain the pandemic we would like to express our full confidence and support for South African Government in the measures taken and the decisions of the cabinet as announced by the President Ramaphosa on 15 March 2020. The health and wellbeing of all should take precedence during these difficult times. Since social distancing is the key to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have decided to suspend/postpone/cancel all public events/meetings/gatherings until the threat is removed.

Our programme delivery methods will be changed in the coming weeks. Under these new circumstances we must also develop new ways to continue the work of connecting people of various cultures, backgrounds and identities. We would like to express that we are open to suggestions in this regards. Although certain sessions and activities will need to be postponed or cancelled, some of our events and projects will continue on digital platforms.

As President Ramaphosa has said, this pandemic has the potential to bring us closer together. But, in his words, it demands “cooperation, collaboration and common action. More than that, it requires solidarity, understanding and compassion.” We know that we can rely on people of South Africa from all walks of life to use their resources and qualities to contribute to this struggle.

Meanwhile, we will post informative material on our Social Media accounts and be in touch with the dates for the next events. We would like to place on record our appreciation and gratitude to people who serve critical and difficult roles such as medical doctors, nurses, staff at the health facilities as well as other public servants who do their jobs even when it includes risks to themselves. We ask all to keep them in prayers and ask Almighty to keep them safe.

Please contact us by email,, if you have any questions.

We thank you for your support.

Turquoise Harmony Institute