Gulen Inspired Schools: Global Schools serving with Integrity and Sincerity

Veli Keskin Some say they are the best schools around, and some say they can’t be that good without support from global powers. Some say they serve for global peace, and some other say: “Don’t be naive they must have a hidden agenda”.  I will not get into questions like “water of the mill” as […]

The Role of the Media in Promoting Peace

Amb. David Newton, Middle East Institute Every great information or communication advance in history has been seen in its time as furthering education a benefit that has certainly proved to be correct. These advances, such as printing, the telegraph, the telephone, the radio, television, the computer, and the internet, however, were in large part also […]

Mustafa Akyol on the Gulen Movement

Mustafa Akyol, an important figure in Turkey’s intellectual fabric, wrote on the Gulen Movement and the fear mongering that’s going on around it. Akyol emphasizes on the disinformation that plagued the Turkish society for so long and how the Gulen Movement’s acts should be read in today’s context. The protocols of the learned elders of […]

You Couldn’t Meet a Nicer Bunch of People

You Couldn’t Meet a Nicer Bunch of People Dan Berrett For more than a decade, one of the world’s most influential and controversial Muslim leaders has been convalescing on 26 acres in the Pocono Mountains. In Ross Township — not far from the Blue Ridge flea market, a giant corn maze dubbed Mazezilla and a […]

Gulen Inspired Schools: Lessons that Matter

“A good lesson is one that does more than provide pupils with useful information or skills; it should elevate them into the presence of the unknown” – Fethullah Gulen, Sizinti – March 1981 Up until this point, my life has been pressed within a world that struggles to unite people around universal values. This is […]

Why Hizmet, the Movement Inspired by Fethullah Gülen, Can Answer…

Why Hizmet, the Movement Inspired by Fethullah Gülen, Can Answer the World’s Most Compelling Problem: Religious Violence 2014 Undergraduate Winner of the Hizmet Essay Contest By Martine Astier Gaetan, B.A, UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND COLLEGE PARK Background Nearly every 21-year old American college senior, like me, enjoys watching films. So when my parents invited me to […]

Transforming Altruism from Selfish into Sacrificial…

Transforming Altruism from Selfish into Sacrificial: How Reciprocity with God Inspires Extraordinary Service in the Hizmet Movement 2014 Graduate Winner of the Hizmet Essay Contest Mary Elizabeth Cole, M.A, THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY In the Mindanao region in the Philippines, Turkish schoolteachers unify classes of Christians and Moro Muslims in an area where years of […]

Countering Violent Extremism-Hizmet and Media …

Countering Violent Extremism-Hizmet and Media: “Hizmet’s Media-Oriented Approach to De-radicalization” 2015 Winner of the Hizmet Essay Contest Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, PhD Scholar, Centre for Culture, Media & Governance, Jamia Millia Islamia, Central University, New Delhi, India Abstract: At a time when the extremist indoctrination, jihadist recruitment and radicalization of the Muslim youth through media, especially […]

Cross-cultural Dialogue on the Virtues: The Contribution of Fethullah Gulen

by Trudy Conway Conway’s book explores the origins, history, development, and modern manifestations of the Hizmet movement, inspired originally by the Turkish scholar Fethullah Gulen. It provides a detailed analysis of Gulen’s account of the virtues, asserting that tolerance, hospitality, compassion and charity serve as the basis for the movement’s unique ethical core. The increased […]