Our Activities


Various Forum Programs

  As part of its various forum programs, the Institute hosts various events – including public exchanges, dialogue forums, seminars, public lectures, local and international conferences and panel discussions on a variety of issues ranging from contemporary social issues, to interfaith matters in collaboration with other cultural and non-governmental organisations.

The Gift of Hope Campaign

  The Institute has formed unique partnership with the South African Police Service, known as the “Gift of Hope Campaign”. The campaigns aim is to acknowledge members of police force who were killed in the line of duty, and at the same time give back to their bereaved families – by assisting them with food […]

Interfaith Ramadan Iftars

  In order to experience and capture the spirit of Ramadan; the Institute arranged for various inter-faith communities to experience the blessed month by inviting them to fast-breaking dinners. These inter-faith dinners are attended by representatives of various churches, synagogues and other faith-based communities. These events are used to promote the concept of understanding and […]

Aid and Relief

  The Turquoise Harmony Institute recognises that poverty requires long term-sustainable solutions; however there are many people who are poor and hungry right now, who are in need of immediate aid and relief. The Institute’s relief project has been ongoing for years, and has served strategically as immediate intervention, until concrete and sustainable solutions are […]

Cooking and Art Classes

  The Institute also arranges art and cooking classes, for those who are interested – which are held over the weekend. Cooking classes are perhaps the most popular activity – which are attended by ladies; who come together under the Turquoise Harmony Institutes Women and Family Platform. The Platform organizes a wide range of activities; […]

Excursions to Turkey

The Institute organises a variety of intercultural and interreligious study tours and excursions to Turkey; to witness first-hand the grand history of civilization which has coexisted through millennia. The excursions are aimed at educating and informing participants through direct interaction and activities. Participatory groups are encouraged to learn and observe the traditional and modern practices […]
Dialogue & Friendship Dinners

Dialogue & Friendship Dinners

Since 2005, the Institute has hosted its annual “Friendship and Dialogue” dinners; which are held to highlight the progress of intercultural and interfaith dialogue and peace; which includes the participation of esteemed guests and people from different faiths, cultures, ethnicities and political affiliations. These gatherings have become a powerful symbolism of the Turquoise Harmony Institute, […]
The International Festival of Language & Culture

The International Festival of Language & Culture

The International Festival of Language and Culture – organized by the Turquoise Harmony Institute in association with Horizon Educational Trust, South African Turkish Business Association, and the Dept. of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation – is an annual celebration and showcase for the diversity of linguistic talents from across the world. The International Festival of […]
Ubuntu Lecture and Peace & Dialogue Awards

Ubuntu Lecture and Peace & Dialogue Awards

Every year, the Turquoise Harmony Institute hosts its prestigious “Annual Peace and Dialogue Awards” ceremony, which awards and recognizes individuals and organizations who have greatly contributed time, effort, energy, leadership and dedication to cause of dialogue, peace and community service. The award recipients are identified through a consultation process. These awards are given in various […]