Language Conversation Classes for Refugee and migrant Women in South Africa

Language Conversation Classes for Refugee and migrant Women in South Africa

Language Conversation Classes for Refugee and migrant Women in South Africa

Purpose of the Event

Moving to a new country, forcibly or voluntarily, is a life-changing experience that comes with different challenges from integration to isolation. Each learner’s ability to interact and integrate is different though most face the challenge of making a new home for themselves and their families in unfamiliar surroundings. Learning the host language is central to this new beginning and goes hand in hand with adapting to a new culture. This is because language learning is primarily a social activity and must be accompanied with different levels of support from others in the host community, the refugee community, and at the policy level.

The importance of language in schools, training centres and workplaces cannot be underestimated in refugee communities, especially given that so often they find themselves economically, socially and politically marginalised. Were refugees able to participate fully in these institutions in host countries, there would be a dividend which would be to the advantage of both refugee and host communities alike. A key mechanism for yielding this latent value is multilingualism and the transformative power of language.

With a view to combat the social exclusion of refugees and migrants and promote their smooth integration into South African society, THI provides for free intense courses in English, adapted to the particular needs of the participants.

With this projects we aim not only to help refugee and migrant women develop their English but remind them of the skills, knowledge and experience they already have. It is not always about how much you know, but how confident you feel and so much of what we would like to develop through this project is confidence.

Format of the project

The language classes are designed to meet every day conversational needs of the participants. With specific chosen themes, the participants will learn how to express themselves in certain places (shops, schools etc.) and certain occasions.

The classes are held every Saturday morning for 12 consecutive weeks.


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