The Art for Peace exhibition and the launch of THI’s new quarters in Sandton

The Art for Peace exhibition and the launch of THI’s new quarters in Sandton

The Art for Peace exhibition and the launch of THI’s new quarters in Sandton

Once again, Turquoise Harmony Institute has demonstrated its commitment to promote love, peace, dialogue, tolerance, forgiveness and harmony for all humanity. This cause was recently seen during the exhibition of Art for Peace, which coincided with the opening of its new quarters in Sandton, on Friday 12 February 2016.

The evening had many enthusiasts of art. And the occasion left the guest in awe, as they fixed their gaze upon the Art for Peace exhibits, advocating the wellbeing of all humanity to live within their diversities.

The artworks displayed also condemned every form of hostility among different races, ethnic groups, and those who hail from other different backgrounds, and sought to help everyone to coexist.

During his key note of address, Ayhan Cetin Director of Turquoise Harmony Institute said: ‘’This is a kind of culture for us to call our friends and our loved ones when we have something new, whatever it may be. It is important that we get your blessings and the prayers.

And it is why you are all invited here, we really appreciate your presence. We are going to utilise this office for the betterment of everyone in the country”.

He believes that the occasion was a small step towards bringing about a great change for all humanity, and the displaying of the exhibits demonstrated great significance even though it may happen many generations from today.

Ashraf Garda who was one of the guests said: “We need to make space for each other, a space of coming together so that we may collectively grow. This has certainly been my theme for all my engagements with Turquoise Harmony Institute. And I have had the privilege of interacting with all the members of the institute”.

To promote peace amongst various age groups across different racial groupings and ethnic groups. Advocating Peace for all at all times. And thereby contributing towards peaceful coexistence and social cohesion.

Some believe that the display of art has played a role in the liberation of South Africa, and art has been at the forefront of transforming societies and communities. “We have come a long way, but it seems as we are going back. Someone said we need a figure to help us with a sense of belonging in this nation, because, when you watch the news every day you get disappointed”. Said Revd Gift Moerane.

The night was not only about promoting love, peace and harmony for humanity in general, but it also presented an opportunity for those who were in attendance to exchange ideas, as the event created a space for all those who were in attendance to plant, nurture and harvest peace in the society.

“This experience was something of the openness towards each other, that it is possible in our world, because we are living in a world where we need it. I think everyone knows that we are living in world where polarisation is taking over, and everyone is just leaving for themselves”. Said Andre Bartlett, of University of Pretoria representing the Dutch Afrikaans Church.

Prof. Juliet Peruma, of the University of Johannesburg said: “THI has the art to brining people from such diverse backgrounds, contexts, and experiences and that for me is the manifestation of the impunity and diversity, which we strive as a country to achieve”.

THI Opening Ceremony