As it is rather a common perception that South Africa is one of the most unequal societies in the world. The CoVid-19 outbreak has brought to surface how serious the challenge of poverty is in South Africa. While some affluent communities are welcoming the prolonged lockdown as they can manage to remain indoors for long periods without facing lack of resources, many others are facing dire conditions as they need almost daily support to be able to maintain social distancing and lockdown in order to combat the spread of the CoVid-19. In addition, lack of equal and coordinated distribution of limited resources for the vulnerable amplify the predicament of the poor.

Although poverty has always been out in the public discourse and on the agenda of civil society, policy makers and government, it has probably never been recognized with the current urgency and importance. While many experts make predictions on how our society will take shape post-CoVid-19, addressing poverty will have to be one of the matters to be addressed with utmost urgency.

We will invite representatives of organizations and various initiatives that are active on the ground. Our purpose is to hear from them as those who are in direct contact with the vulnerable people, what the urgent needs and challenges are as well as how people can get involved. There are many people who empathize with those in dire poverty and are willing to do something, but it can be challenging to find right and efficient avenues of involvement. We hope that this discussion will assist the wider public to realize the need for immediate and tangible action and it will inform everyone how to get involved.