Friday, July 29, 2016

Distribution projects

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Turquoise harmony Institute with the asssitance of its volunteers and other organizations will be conducting meat parcel distrivutions on the occasion of Eid-ul Adha (Annual Muslim Festival) when Muslims slaughter adn distribute meat to the needy.

Distribution is coordinated in colloboration with various govermental departmetns adn Non-Govermnental Organizations. The project is aimed at providing a chance for the wealthy to witness the plight of the poor and do something about it though it is temporary. In this way they may engage in more sustainable and long term projects of this sort.This project also builds bridges between those who have and who have not.

One of our partner organizations in this project are Horizon Educational Trust which operates secular schools in SA since 1999 providing quality education opportunity to its students. many students who do not have financial means are afforded scholarships.