Saturday, July 23, 2016

Live like a Sufi for a month

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Journalists and Writers Foundation in Turkey in partnership with Blood Foundation, have started a project titled "Sufi for a month". This project aimd at offering opportunity to people who are interested in Sufism and spirituality to live as a Sufi for a period in the places which are significant to Sufi tradtition.Sufism is the spiritual path followed by the Sufi mystic, also known as a dervish, to pursue ultimate truth and nearness to God. It is considered to be the inner, mystical dimension of Islam and is concerned with the annihilation of one's ego and self-centeredness into an ever-deepening consciousness of God.

Being an inner process it is widely regarded than Sufism cannot be learned merely through books and so students are instructed though direct, personal experience. Sufi practices are directed to the goal of overcoming worldly desires and carnal pleasures in order to attain the higher spiritual satisfactions of living and a growing awareness of the infinite Divine presence.

Self-mastery is attained through the technique of self-forgetfulness. Sufism teaches to place others ahead of one's self and to strive first to know, then to live the divine will, above our personal desires. Service to the poor and less fortunate is considered a sacred duty to the dervish.

Finally Sufism is about heart-connection to the Divine and about true love. The Sufi who has attained high levels is one who is full of joy and ecstatic delight, this can be seen and felt as the Whirling Dervishes spin for love of the Creator and for love of all creation.

More information is available on their website