Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fanmily Conference

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Journalists and Writers Foundation based in Turkey hosted an international conference titled "Family As a Virtue With Respect to Religion, Tradition and Modernity" on 26 - 27 November.


Around 600 participants from 50 countries participate in the conference where Family was dscussed from various perspectives. A common deceleration was made by all participants at the end of the conference.The decleration emphasized the following points:

In order to bring up healthy and productive generations filled with love family should be based on marriage of a mad and a woman.

Children should be born into natural marriages.

Children born into families institutionalized by Law, Religion and tradition will be more balanced, productive and healthier.

As Turquoise harmony Isnttute we coordinated a speaker from South Africa. Mrs Toni Rowland participated from South Africa with her paper titled """""