Invitation: Fast Breaking Dinner with a Muslim Family

Invitation: Fast Breaking Dinner with a Muslim Family

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Fasting is practiced in many religious traditions and spiritual practices. We believe common traditions like fasting are important opportunities for people from different faith communities to become closer to each other. The holy month of Ramadan will start end of May, in which Muslims fast from the break of dawn to sunset. In this month, it is customary to invite friends, neighbors, and relatives to share the fast-breaking meal. Local Turkish families are inviting you for a dinner as a humble presentation of common ground, friendship, and peace

By attending this dinner, you will get a chance to taste various dishes from the authentic Turkish cuisine, as well as the famous Turkish tea and/or coffee. This is not only a chance for you and your family to meet new friends, but also an opportunity to experience a different culture at first hand.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast by abstaining from consuming water or food while the sun is out. Iftar – or fast breaking – dinners take place each evening once the sun sets. This is an important time not only for those who participate in Ramadan because of their faith but also an important time for Muslims to share their tradition with friends from different backgrounds over delicious food and through lively conversation. It is truly a special time when people of all backgrounds come together and share in the Iftar experience, learning about different cultures and faiths in the process.

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