Turquoise wishes you a blessed and peaceful 2017!

Turquoise wishes you a blessed and peaceful 2017!


Just as every dawn, every sunrise, and every coming spring signifies a new beginning and hope, so does every new year, new century and every new millennium. In this respect, within the wheels of time, over which we have no control, humanity has always sought a new spark of life, a breath as fresh as the wind of dawn, and has hoped and desired to step into the light, leaving behind the darkness, as if one were crossing a threshold.

We believe and hope that the new year will rise on the foundations of love, compassion, mercy, dialogue, acceptance of others, mutual respect, justice, and rights. It will be a time in which humanity will discover its real essence. Goodness and kindness, righteousness and virtue will form the basic essence of the world. No matter what happens, the world will come to this path sooner or later. Nobody can prevent this.

Travelers on the way to goodness, those devotees of love who have no time for hostility, will carry the inspirations within their spirits to other worlds.We pray and beg that the Infinitely Compassionate One will not let our hopes and expectations come to nothing in this new year.

May this new year bring peace, love and prosperity to you, South Africa, and the whole of humanity!