Saturday, July 23, 2016


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In order to realize our objectives we organize as many events and activities as possible. Following are examples of such activities in summary.

Iftar Dinners

Iftar dinner is a meal that is shared at the end of the day when Muslims fast. Our branches host Iftar programs during the month of Ramadan at the homes of our volunteers, at partner organizations, and at a prestigious venue where we invite community, religious and political leaders to pave way to a dialogue on that level.

Visits to other Institutions and organizations

We form formal and informal partnerships with various departments and Institutions (mostly Project-based) and pay visits to them on various occasions. These include discussion programs, lunch and dinner programs, old-age homes and orphanage visits, etc.

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes are held at our centers for ladies. The classes are a time of fun, food, and fellowship. At each class we learn how to make several Turkish dishes, and then join together to enjoy the results!

Turkish Language Classes

For those who wish to pursue Turkish Language for varying reasons may do so at our centers. Respective branches may be contacted to enquire about the details of these classes.

Intercultural Trips to Turkey

One of our aims is to establish bridges between people of Turkey and South Africa. Turkey is a land where diverse faiths and cultures have lived in peace for millennia; it is a land of dialogue and tolerance, it is the land of long and rich history. In this regard Turkey offers much opportunities of promoting dialogue and mutual understanding.

Serving Noah’s Pudding

Observing an Islamic tradition that celebrates the landing of Noah’s ark, THI volunteers prepare and offer a special desert called Noah’s Pudding to commemorate this important event existing in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

Conferences and Public Lectures

We host and organize conferences and public lectures on broad range of issues concerning the wellbeing of the public. Some of such events we have done include Clash or Cooperation of Civilizations, Heroes of Peace Conference, Rumi Conference and Whirling Dervishes Performance, Abrahamic Values Public Lectures, Living Together in Peace and Harmony, etc. We do these programs in collaboration with various institutions.

Solidarity and Aid

We mobilize our volunteers and engage in relief work in the community. Poverty is one the greatest ills threatening social cohesion and relief works serve the purpose of establishing bridges between rich and poor and appreciation of each other’s circumstances. On such projects we cooperate with schools established by Turkish entrepreneurs and volunteers. These schools have a strong community links and have been performing well in their field and they also share similar values as ours especially in their approach to common universal values.

• Upcoming events

Iftar Dinners will take place during the month of Ramadaan in four cities

• Regular events

i. Friendship and Dialogue Dinner

ii. Ubuntu Lecture and Dialogue Awards

iii. Seminar Series

iv. Cooking classes

v. Turkey Trips

vi. Turkish Lessons

• Relief Work

In conjunction with other organizations THI engages in relief activities. These activities are aimed at both providing an immediate relief of those in need an also building bridges between those who have and those who do not. For various reasons there are millions today who do not have an immediate source of food and shelter and in most cases this is not through their fault. Hence we have a responsibility to reach out to them.

We also acknowledge that poverty alleviation requires long term and sustainable projects but the importance of immediate assistance should not be undermined.

• Visits

A major part of our work is to establish relationship with individuals and organizations sharing similar vision as us and cooperate in various projects. For this purpose our volunteers pay visits to individuals and organizations.

Click here to download Ubuntu Lecture by HE Premier Mokonyane on 13 Febraury 2010