Monday, July 25, 2016

Aims and Principles

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THI is a non-profit NGO operating for promoting inter-cultural dialogue and tolerance among the people at grassroots level.

THI is an independent, non-partisan institution which has no organic bond with any other organization; however, in principle it may cooperate with governmental or non-governmental organizations which share similar objectives as THI.

THI defines dialogue as striving for understanding and acceptance of all peoples of the world by meeting on the grounds of being human.

To foster universal values of freedom, justice, democracy and human rights

To seek ways of tackling common crisis affecting human lives such as poverty, ignorance and disunity and to conduct and sponsor relevant research.

To contribute to social harmony among the members of the society by fostering main pillars of the society such as dialogue, tolerance, compassion, forgiveness, living together in diversity

To conduct activities deemed to be in accordance with its aims of establishment by its Trustees and to make necessary amendments to its constitution.

To prepare media where people of different faiths, race, ethnicity, and culture, will be enabled to come together and seek ways of peaceful coexistence and contribute positively to the solutions of humanity’s common problems

Nationally and internationally to publish books, bulletins, newsletters, journals, proceedings and brochures and to do translational work of various recourses in order to achieve its objectives.

To contribute to the poverty alleviation and community development by organizing programs such as skills development courses specifically aimed for women and underprivileged communities, to engage in mobilizing people for relief projects so that a bridge may be built between rich and the poor.

To organize national and international festivals, programs, panel discussions, symposia, conferences, trips, seminars, exhibitions and meetings and to establish various platforms to participate in all parts of life in order to realize its objectives

To do activities specifically for women including but not limited to cooking classes, skills development classes, Turkish Language, sewing, needling, marbling and art classes etc. hence enabling them to be more active in community life.

THI also envisages closer relations between peoples of Turkey and South Africa and to be a bridge in this regard. To achieve this, it aims to establish certain boards and platforms, to provide services such as translation, guidance, etc. and to organize trips to foster these relations.

At its center, THI may produce, display and distribute books and other audio-visual material in such cases it may seek to cover its costs it incurred

THI may establish e-groups in the internet medium

THI may open branches where it deems necessary.

To educate public members on the dynamics of dialogue between communities.